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Pregnancy Week 11

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Week 10                                                               Week 12

Well well well, 10 weeks down, 30 more to go… How do you feel about that?

This week may be one of the most exciting weeks so far as you will get to hear your little one’s heartbeat soon… How exciting!!

How big is your baby this week?

Your baby is almost two and a half inch long, as big as a fig and weighs about half an ounce (15 ~grams). This little figgie can stretch, do somersaults, and can even sigh when bored 😛

Baby’s Development

We know, and we have said that the baby looks like an alien with the ginormous head (its is as big as rest of the body) but it is all going to change soon as baby will be doing a lot of growing up in coming weeks. As we know the fingers and toes are fully separated now (no more duck paws!). With teeth buds, nails and fine hair developing, baby will be looking more and more like your mini-me you expect it to be.

Baby’s heart is 4 chambered now and is beating steadily at 120-140 beats per minute (twice as fast as yours). And you might just get to listen to it during your NT scan 🙂

We have been mentioning vital organs, and important organs and some more organs…but do you know what is the largest organ of your baby’s growing body? Can you guess?

It’s the Skin! Skin is the largest organ of our body as it covers inside and out of each of those vital/non-vital organs and also wraps all of them neatly into a bundle that we call our body!

Baby’s transparent and translucent skin is going to become opaque in coming weeks.

Baby’s liver is forming Red Blood Cells (RBCs). See usually production of RBCs is not liver’s job, it’s bone marrows’. But since the bones are yet to develop fully, liver has assumed the responsibility. How nice of the liver right! Speaking of bones, they are still hardening.  Oh hey, and your baby’s external genital organs will start taking definitive shape of either a penis or clitoris and labia majora by the end of this week.

Prenatal Sex determination is banned in India, and for good reasons. So you might have to wait to paint the nursery blue/pink until after your bundle of joy is actually in your arms.

Your 11 Week Pregnant Belly

Rejoice ladies, as almost nearing end of the first semester your chance of hanging on to that baby increase to ~97%; one less thing to be anxious about, right? Well as for your growing belly, whatever you do, DO NOT SCRATCH IT! We know it itches, so keep it moisturised, itching is not the answer. Apply creams, oils, whatever floats your boats, just make sure they are safe for you and the baby.

Growing baby and growing tummy also means growing amniotic sac which demands constant supply of fluids. You might feel more thirsty than usual. Always keep fluids (water, juices) handy.

If you are someone who is not that into the taste of water and find it bland, try our delicious infused water recipes HERE.

Your Symptoms

Repeat after us, “Almost there, we’re almost there”.. “Almost there…just few more days and it is gonna be so much better”… Yup, please bear with that nausea (which may have gotten worse) and fatigue bearing this thought in mind that second trimester is going to bring relief.

Gotten any cravings yet? What is it? Sweets? Savoury? or Spicy things?? Is it chocolate or it is imli? Whatever it may be, it is ok to occasionally give into your cravings and even to indulge. Just don’t go momzilla over that entire bag of chips or pint of the dutch chocolate ice cream! And I say this with utmost sincerity as being someone who has hard time controlling cravings myself, try some of these tips that actually work-

  • Keep fruits you love handy. I love Dates, Apples, Bananas and these go a longgg way in keeping me away from gorging on cookies and chips.
  • Keep veggie bites handy. I love carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes. I cut my carrots in stick shapes and eat those sticks with hummus, ketchup, schezwan sauce, any dip that I am craving really…
  • When slightly hungry I go for a glass of water first, and if the hunger is still not subsided in next 10 minutes then I go for first two options.

If you wake up one fine morning with a dark line appearing on your belly, don’t freak out. That line is called “Linea Nigra” and almost 3 out of 4 women tend to get it (women with darker skin are more prone). It is a totally harmless line of pigmentation caused by pregnancy hormones. It usually goes away after you give birth.

You might start noticing your skin and hair changing. It might get healthier and shinier or get dry and lifeless. See every woman is different and for every woman, every pregnancy is different so if you see desirable changes, lucky you 🙂 But if you see undesirable changes, consult with your doctor first before reaching out for any over the counter remedies.

Another symptom that is not very desirable is urine leak every time you cough or sneeze. And the culprit for this is Relaxin, a hormone produced by placenta that relaxes the bundle of smooth muscle fibers guarding the doors of your bladder (urethral sphincter). Relaxin not only causes this but can also cause untimely farts (oops!). Well it has a bigger role than this though which we will discuss in coming weeks.

Your week 11 pregnancy Checklist

  • Start doing pelvic floor exercises as this will not only prevent urine leaks and farts, but also will help with natural vaginal birth.
  • Continue taking your prenatal vitamins.
  • Learn a new skill or indulge into a crafting hobby as this will take your mind off of all the pregnancy related anxiety.

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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