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Immune Checkpoint Blockade: a Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment!

2018 Noble Prize in Physiology and Medicine is given for the discovery of “Immune Checkpoint Blockade” therapy. Dr. James P. Allison and Dr.Ā Tasuku Honjo are the two scientists who are awarded for their extensive work that brought about the onset of this treatment. I for one don’t really keep up with Noble prizes because all […]

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Quick tips to control sugars in gestational diabetes

  Keeping up with my promises šŸ˜‰ here I go with some quick tips on how you can manage to maintain your blood sugars during pregnancy. There are 3 important components of diabetes management for women 1. Nutritional therapy 2. Exercise or physical activity 3. Medicines if required If all the 3 are applied they […]

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Black Jamun [Part I]: Nutrition, Anti-Diabetic Effect and More…

Diabetic Food Series # 1: Java plum (Syzygium cumini)   JambunĀ preparations are employed by natural health practitioners for treatment of diabetes and related complications, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fertility agents as active treatment and a natural fruit sweetener. It is an evergreen tree but bears ripen fruits post-summer (June-July), marking the beginning of rains. In this […]

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Steroid Medications and Weight Struggle: A Vicious Cycle!

Recently I had a case, the woman was 40 something, eating healthy, exercising daily, nothing I could put my finger on…but still she was gaining weight. After a thorough investigation figured out that she was in fact taking a steroid medication to treat her autoimmune hepatitis which was breaking havoc on her metabolism! Now to […]

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Ashwagandha: everything you need to know about this stress buster!

Ashwagandha, literally means Smell of a Horse, the herb got the name because of the strong aroma that it’s roots emits. Botanical name isĀ  Withania Somnifera and pet names areĀ  Poison Gooseberry andĀ  Indian Ginseng (no relation what so ever with Panax Ginseng). If you have been keeping up with health trends, I am sure […]

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet: your guide to a good health!

Though inflammation is a natural process, being in a constant state of inflammation for a long period of time (chronic inflammation) is neither natural nor acceptable. Yes inflammation is a bodily process that is important for wound healing, fighting infections, and building muscle after exercising, butĀ  that is acute inflammation (short term inflammation). From Diabetes […]

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